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Tiptel History

In 1973, Erhard Schäfer and Norbert Koehler, the company as a "Köhler + Schäfer Elektronik GbR". In times of the dial of the automatic Phone dialer TELE MAGIC found 14 such a big paragraph that in 1977 a new factory building on the Halskestraße was 14 based in Ratingen. Tiptel established itself in 1983 as a leading manufacturer of answering machines - a position that still exists today and has been extended with CallManagers and voice mail systems. The company was founded in 1985 in a corporation, the Tiptel Elektronik GmbH converted.


1986 production was converted to fully automatic assembly. Since 1992 modern SMD were (Surface Mounted Device) high-speed assembly lines in use, which have been expanded 1997th Thus, the contract manufacturing of electronic devices and assemblies made possible. In 1991 a joint stock company from the Titpel GmbH. The foundation stone for the new plant and the company's current headquarters in Halskestraße 1 in Ratingen followed in 1992. In the same year, the product range to include cordless phones, comfort telephones and PBX systems has been extended. The introduction of the first ISDN PBX, ISDN telephones and the Tiptel wireless alarm system could be reported in 1996. In 1997 Tiptel the telecommunications division of Hagenuk and therefore slid in so much trouble that property had to be sold at its headquarters in Ratingen. 1999 purchase was again repelled.


2000, the company increased in the future market of Voice over IP through a cooperation with the company innovaphone one that develops the hardware and software for the new technology.  The first telephone system with ADSL router and wireless LAN was presented of 2003. At this time, around 280 people were working for the company, about 85% in Germany. In August 2005, finally started a company wide restructuring. Erhard Schäfer, co-founder and chairman, acquired as General Manager of Robinco Treuhand GmbH & Co. Beteiligungs KG b.v. first 49% of the Dutch subsidiary Tiptel and in October 2006 the remaining 51%; in November 2006 bought b.v. the Tiptel in turn, the French subsidiary Tiptel S.A.R.L. and the Belgian subsidiary Tiptel NV / SA.