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Neonode Mobile History

The first prototype was launched at the German IT-fair CeBit in March 2002 and yielded quite a bit of attention. Around Christmas the same year, a press conference was held at Fryshuset in Stockholm. The massive attention they received resulted in 20 000 mobile phones being pre-ordered. Using their two patented technologies, zForce and Neno, Neonode AB had developed three mobile phone models: N1, N1m and N2. They all shared a similar design, featuring a large optic touch screen in color.


Neonode AB was responsible for the development and marketing of the mobile phones. The company had about 30 employees and was situated on Biblioteksgatan, close to Stureplan in Stockholm. Production of the phones took place in Malaysia.


In November 2008, the company attempted issue equity, but failed. On December 9, 2008, Neonode declared bankruptcy. The company was immediately started up again by Thomas Eriksson. The business of the parent company Neonode Inc and Neonode Technologies AB, located in Sweden, which is the R&D headquarters, has since been the licensing of the zForce technology.


In 2009, the company released an updated version of the touch-technology zForce (zero force).


In 2010 the new product concepts ClearTouch and SAT (Selected Area Touch) were introduced, both based on the update zForce version. The same year, Sony launched their e-reader based on the zForce technology.


In 2010, zForce was awarded the title "Best New Technology of the Year" by the magazine Mobil.


2010 and 2011 the company has signed some global customers in the e-reader segment. The technology has since developed and is now implemented into a variety of touch devices such as tablets and automotive appliances.