Alcatel OneTouch Go Play Review



Android 5.0.2


Screen 5 inch, 720x1280 pixels, 294 ppi, TFT, a light sensor


Protection against water IP67, from shocks and falls from a height of half a meter onto a hard surface



1 GB of RAM, 8 GB of internal memory microSD card up to 32GB


The chipset Qualcomm Snapdragon 410 quad-core Cortex A-53 1.2 GHz,

Adreno 306 graphics coprocessor


The front camera of 5 megapixels main camera is 8 megapixels, flash


Built-in Li-Ion Battery 2500 mAh, music playback time - up to 55 hours of talk time - up to 8 hours, standby time - up to 480 hours




GPS, Bluetooth 4.1, Wi-Fi 802.11 b / g / n, USB 2.0


LTE band 2/4/5/7/12/17


Dimensions - 143.3h73.3h9.2 mm, weight - 151 grams

Alcatel Onetouch Go Play
Alcatel Onetouch Go Play


The Alcatel has long chosen to secure phone market, the first plans to release this smartphone appeared in 2013, but the model has not reached the conveyor. Then they were processed in 2014, but the decision that such a device is needed in the line of the company, finally adopted only in spring 2015. Reasons indecision Alcatel easy to understand, the market protected phone can be divided into two major segments. On the one hand, we have a model with a conventional, mass design and have a certain degree of protection, this approach Sony. The devices look great for everyday life, but it is protected from moisture. And there is the approach of classical manufacturer of the smart phones, in which the main function, namely the protection shall be submitted to the fore, is presented separately. Such models are massive, and they are distinguished frankly outdated in relation to the mass market characteristics, be it memory, processor, or something else. With a price twice as high than the analogs based on the same components, the margin goes beyond the protective properties of the body. Usually people do not fall into the target audience of such phones, puzzled scratching his head, looking at the cost, and do not understand for what's taking so much. For those looking for a secure phone, the price is above the market feature phones have long become the norm.


At Alcatel was a difficult choice. Go for Sony way and release the phone with additional protective properties, but enjoyable, everyday design or try to play in the second category. Both ways are not winning look, as the experience of Sony says that the protective properties of the phones do not play such a big role in their selection. In the segment of protected phones have to work for many years to establish itself. Therefore, Alcatel tried to offer themselves and market third way, taking the best from the two segments.


The company is not pushed on the security itself, and tried to understand for whom and why may be interested in a secure phone. Classic segments as fishermen, hunters, those who engage in extreme sports, quickly pulled back as too competitive, offer them clearly exceeds the demand. We looked around again and realized that children and adolescents, and young people were outside the attention of manufacturers. What characterizes this group of consumers? As a rule, the phone for them by their parents or relatives, children take part in this process, but often do not have a casting vote. From experience we know that children and adolescents are often dropping their devices, split screens, or stuffing. They do this not on purpose, so just goes. When choosing a phone for teenagers, tend to have a hard limit on the budget, they rarely buy the latest technology, rightly believing that the simpler, the lower the chance that the child will play on it. For parents, this phone - it's a means of communication, a tool, not an entertainment center or something like that. This approach is dominant in the market, regardless of the country. Here for such parents and their children, and the company has created a model OneTouch Go Play.


Inexpensive, protected both from water and from the falls, with a fairly large screen and an average performance. Telephone clearly fits into the needs of the target audience, it is a good offer for those looking for a smartphone for 2-3 years for your child. Teens can also give him a preference, as it looks bright, unusual, youth. And that they will be different from their peers. For young people, this may be a reasonable choice on the basis of price / quality ratio, but let us not deceive ourselves, to dream, they will still be about something other, more fashionable and functional. Therefore, the main consumer group Go Play - it is students and young people under the age of 20 years. Count on high demand in the older age groups is not necessary.